FA in the 1970s

The 1970s saw Friends Academy realize the 1967 plan started by Headmaster Ted Withington to create a "more flexible and individualized curriculum." This era of experimentation led to several changes, many of which are still in effect. For example, the Lower School elimating grading in 1970. This practice continues today. In 1971, the Red and Black changed its name to Inkwell.

The school followed Ted Withington and the Board of Trustees' vision to increase the diversity of Friends Academy. As one student reports in the October 1972 issue of Inkwell, Ted Withington noted an "awareness of the need to bring black students and white students together." Student publications from this period candidly discuss problems of race and prejudice in America.

The school set a record enrollment figure in December 1974 with 637 students. This growth occurred without relaxing admission standards. In 1977, the acceptance rate hovered around 33%. In the late 1970s, the Merrill family donated land, which greatly expanded school grounds.